Matches and Practice:

Payments:  TBD

  • MATCHES & PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY.  All unexcused absences will result in a player sitting out a set or complete match. Excused absences include illness, death in the family or any event that was pre-approved by a coach and/or board member. 

  •  Players must have transportation to and from games and practices.

  • You are expected to maintain passing grades and good behavior. Progress Reports may be requested.

  • Any injury must be reported immediately to a coach and a director.

  • Hair is to be pulled back and no jewelry.

  • Facilities are to be left neat and clean.

  • Bring a water bottle.

  • Parents are to contact a board member to schedule a time to talk if they have anything to discuss with coach.  

  • To wear or not to wear ankle supports is up to the parent and the player's physician.

  • Only positive encouragment from players and their fans in the stands, please. Only good sportsmanship from players and their parents will be tolerated. 


Practices: TBD

Jersey Deposit Checks:

Jersey to be worn for games and picture day only!

A separate $50.00 check will be collected at the same time as the first payment. This is a deposit check that will be refunded once the player  returns her jersey at the end of season party. These checks will only be cashed if the jersey is returned damaged/ruined  or if the players's jersey is not returned within 7 days of the last match/event.


-Enrolled/Attending E. T. Booth Middle School. 

-A current Physical. 

-Volleyball shoes, knee pads (preferably black), black spandex shorts, black socks.

-Game jerseys and practice shirt will be handed out. Game jerseys must be returned at the end of the season party. 

-Hustle, Sportsmanship & a Positive Attitude. 


If you have any questions please contact us at